Monday, 25 February 2013

COMING SOON: French vs UK style series!

Ok, that title is neither catchy nor witty enough for my liking... but it captures the essence of what I am hoping the series will be all about!

I moved to Paris in August 2011, and that was the first time I had been in Paris for a good few years.  I had forgotten that the effortless 'Parisian chic' look was actually quite so prevalent as it is, not a ridiculous stereotype. 

The first time we decided to go 'out' was an experience.  I remember very clearly how all the usual preparations took place: the big glasses of wine, a flurry of hair appliances and fake eyelashes, and dresses.  We got to the bar.  To say that we stood out like a sore thumb is a gross understatement, take that thumb, stamp on it and shut it in the car door a few times maybe that is a bit more accurate.  There were no short dresses; no bare, fake-tanned limbs;  no towering heals or glittering jewellery... we were utterly lost.  And we thought we were going to be the epitome of chic, elegant, Parisian class... oh how wrong we were. 

So this series is going to document my experiences in trying to understand and emulate the Parisian look, general observations, and comparisons with UK culture/ style etc! The first piece will either be a French pharmacy skin care review, or something about hair!!  

You can also expect some poorly edited videos too, so subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep abreast of future uploads :) 


  1. Goodluck can't wait to read it all NRC ♥

  2. nice post!
    like your blog )

    Angela Donava

  3. I love your blog, I would love it if you could visit my blog x